How to Fix Cyclic Redundancy Check Error (CRC Error)

Cyclic Redundancy Check Error (CRC Error) is common error with hard drives whenever you are trying to copy any data from your external drive to your local computer,Cyclic Redundancy Check Error could occur, there could be only two main reasons for this error to occur.

  1. The file which you are trying to copy to your local machine has any kind of issues or is corrupted.
  2. The computer is not able to read or initialize your external hard drive, SD card

No need to worry we have few easy fixes for you which you can follow and you would be able to fix your Cyclic Redundancy Check Error issue.

Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

Troubleshoot your PC for Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

Follow the following steps to perform troubleshooting

Step1- Check if all your drivers are up to date or if any updation is required.

Step2- Disconnect the external drive, and restart your PC.

Step3- Update your operating system and perform the file transfer task.

Following this steps might help you with CRC issue. if the issue still persists please use following fixes.

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Fix 1- for Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

Fix CRC with command prompt:

Step1– Open command prompt

Step2– Type chkdsk /f x( use your device name in place of X)

Step3– Press Enter (this might take few minutes as it scans your drive and detect for errors) please wait

Step 4– Restart your PC and check is the problem is solved

Fix 2- for Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

Fix CRC using Disk Checker,

Disk checker is an inbuilt tool that windows offers for fixing of all types of system and storage device errors, please follow the following steps.

Step 1. Open Windows File Explorer, right-click the inaccessible hard drive or device, and choose “Properties”.

Step 2. Under the Tools tab, click the Check button at the Error-checking section.

Step 3. Choose “Scan drive” or “Repair drive” if errors were found

By following these steps you would able to solve your CRC issue and if the issue still persists please call for help

Fix 3-for Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

Fix CRC using Manual help.

If you performed all of the troubleshooting steps and you are still facing the CRC issue or if you have lost your data please contact us we can help you recover your data and fix your CRC issue online using our best tools and techniques at a very minimal cost. please feel free to contact us in case of any help.


CRC is a very common issue and can be caused in any kind of storage device, there could many reasons for this error like there could be malware in your drive, or your hard drive must be having bad sectors in it, your memory card could be damaged, or you many have mishandled your external hard drive in manner, so this issue could have occurred, but don’t be worried we are here for you, as your data never leaves the storage and can always be recovered using modern-day tech, please feel free to reach out to us for all your data recovery needs, our data recovery process is fully online and safe.

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