4 Common Causes of Data Loss

Data loss is now becoming a very common situation for businesses, and it could also result in losing significant revenue as data is the new gold in this age, so today we will explain to you, some common causes of Data loss, and how you can prevent your data.

Common Causes of Data Loss

Common Causes of Data Loss:

Human Error : We humans can make some mistakes some times, so your data loss might be a result of your own mistakes, you might have deleted or overwritten some important files, sometimes we turn off our computer abruptly, as we sometimes just turn off the main power switch, which might result in data loss.

Unwanted Malware: Sometimes we don’t use certified Anti-virus software on our PC, now we are always connected to the Internet, and we visit all sorts of websites, some websites may contain unwanted malware, and it could be downloaded on your PC, which could affect your hard drive, which could infect your data, and this might lead to unwanted data losses, so it’s always recommended to use a good Anti-Virus in our PC, which can prevent our data and our PC.

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Physical Damage hard drive: This is most common with external hard drives as we carry them with us on our trips so it’s likely that we could have damaged the hard drive as, or in case of the internal hard drive if the PC has gotten some injury from outside, also if we try to overheat our system by running applications which are not compatible with our PC. this may damage the hard drive, so this could also be a cause of data loss.

Power Failures: Power outrage is one of the most common causes of hard drive failures, this may happen because while you are working the electricity may go out, and you are not using a UPS on your System, and sudden shutdown to your PC, might result in hard disk failures.

Skipping the proper way of shutting down of you PC, you might just turn of the main power supply to your PC , it might also result in hard disk failure, thus resulting in Data loss, Always keep your backup upto date, so if you face any of this incident you have your data safe.

Conclusion: Hard drives are very delicate hardware which should be dealt which should be dealt with safety these are some common causes of data loss and hard drive, you might experience windows blue screen, which could be an indication by your hard drive, that your hard drive’s health is now going down so please perform a SMART check on your hard drive.

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