3 Ways to Recover an Unsaved or Deleted Word Document

What could be the worst thing to happen when you are working with MS Word, you could lose your MS word Document or maybe you didn’t save the document properly and now you are wondering how to recover the unsaved document from MS Word or you have acciendiently deleted the word document and now you want to Recover a Deleted Word Document. please don’t get panicked as we are going to explain you how you can Recover an Unsaved or Deleted Word Document.

Watch and Learn!! Recover your word file

Method 1- Recover an Unsaved Word Document:

Recovering unsaved word documents through MS Word:

Every time we start working on any MS office file it is getting saved in ROM of our PC so even if you have not saved your Word file you can find your File in the unsaved section of MS word click on Recoved unsaved document, after clicking on recover unsaved document you will be prompted with a menu where all your unsaved files are found, please choose the unsaved word file which you want to recover, and save it on your PC,

So this Method for recovering your Unsaved word files inWindows 10
Recover Deleted Word Document

Method 2- Recover a Deleted Word Document:

In this method I will tell you about how you can recover a Deleted word document from your PC.

The most basic method is to find your deleted files in Recycle bin if you are unable to find your word deleted file from recycle bin of you PC

Recover Deleted Word Document

If you are no able to find your file in recycle bin please follow the next method for recovering your deleted Word file.

Recovering Deleted file through MS word Path Management:

if you can’t locate your file from recycle bin now, you have to try MS word Path finder tool to recover your deleted word file.

Recover Deleted Word Document

Steps to follow to Use MS word Path finder tool.

  1. Go to the Word option section of your Ms word.
  2. Navigate to Save in the word section and copy the path shown in that section
  3. Open file explorer on your PC
  4. Paste the path copied from MS Word into the file explore navigation bar.
  5. You will see your MS word file over there in.asd format, open that file in MS Word, and Hurray!!! you have successfully recovered your file.

Method 3- Recover a Deleted/Unsaved Word Document:

If after following these steps you are unable to recover your deleted MS word file, please contact us for online data recovery of your MS word file, we provide online data recovery services at very minimal cost and our online data recovery process is fully online. Please give us a call if you want to recover your word file or any other kind of file please contact us, we would glad to help you out.

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If your word file was acciendley deleted or it may get corrupted, or you forgot to save your Word file, so not to worry follow these steps and you would be able to get your data back, and if still, you find it hard, please contact us we would be glad to help you out with the data recovery process

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