3 Methods to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive

The worst nightmare of anybody would be to encounter recovering Data from your Dead hard drive, but ultimately it’s an electronic gadget and we all know that we can’t be totally dependent on any machine with our precious data now we are in 2021, we have developed lot technologies to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive. today I will explain 5 Methods by which you can recover your data from your Internal/External/SSD hard drive.

Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive

Reasons which could result in Hard Drive Data Loss :

Lets first look at few scenerios which could lead to data loss

  1. Unwanted Malware
  2. Corrupted Files
  3. Bad Maintainer/Mishandling of hard drive
  4. Physical damage to your hard drive
  5. Platter damage/Unable to boot

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How to know that Internal/External/SSD drive is dead

Bad Sound from Hard Drive:

If your hard drive is damaged you will hear a clicking sound from your hard drive when it starts booting this is signal from your hard drive that it is not in good working condition and should be backed up immediately, and get a new hard rive.

Blue Screen error:

You must be encountering the “Your PC ran into Problem” blue screen on your PC this may be because your Hard drive is unable to boot, if you able to boot your hard disk, please immediately take back up of your data as your data might get lost.

PC is getting hanged or getting slow:

If your PC is getting hanged or if you are getting error messages “SMART test” there is a very high chance that your hard drive or if you use an external hard drive may be having issues or is corrupted please backup all your data asap and send your hard drive to data recovery specialist for further tests.

Methods to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive

1. Basic Troubleshooting your hard drive for data recovery:

If your are using any external hard drive or any external SSD drive this could be the easiest step to perform, try plugguin your hard drive in any other USB port of your PC and try agin to boot it up, this might solve your issue.

If your internal hard drive is causing problems you can remove it from your PC and buy a hard drive casing which comes at a very cheap cost you can buy it from Amazon and try connecting it from outside ports to your PC if it works then you need to get you internal hard drive port fixed not the hard drive as it is working fine.

2. Take the help of Data Recovery software which can help you recover your data

There are multiple software that can help you recover your data from your hard drive if it is in working condition please read more about it here. please be sure none of these software ensures full data recovery from your dead hard drive or even working hard drive, please contact a data recovery specialist for that.

Consult a Data recovery specialist for data recovery from the dead hard drive.

If you are unable to recover your data after following these data recovery steps please contact us for data recovery from your dead hard drive our data recovery process is very smooth and fully online you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house and get panic for your data we will take care of that, we ensure you to recover your data at fullest and in very minimal time.

Lost your data ??

Recover your data online

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